I got some Halloween decorations today and I’m excited

I transferred my passion for anatomy into the culinary arts.

This adorable cat keeps showing up when I go out for a smoke and he’s so cute and snuggly I wanna keep him he came to visit 4 times today

I’m trying to text my landlord but holy crap I suck and it hilarious

The library has season 2 of orphan black so I grabbed it and I’m excited because I missed most of it when my cable was shut off and now I can watch it WOOOOO

I need to get my apartment organized so I can decorate for Halloween weeeeeee


Home sweet home.

Holy shit I think i might fall through the floor and die the whole place is shaking they need to hurry up and finish the damn reno downstairs it was supposed to be over already omg my brain hurts


I also got a vacuum its pink and fabulous

I also got rid of that weird orange in my hair so that’s fun


My guardian angel probably facepalms a lot.

Hannibal season 2 gag reel (x)

My landlord called me earlier and after I hung up I called her back by accident and then I panicked and started doing random shit and swearing and she heard it all I suck at technology god damn why cant I figure this thing out